BIZNET- Your Market Hub

As part of BizNet, develop an online trade facilitation depository base that will provide companies with information on the required instruments to support their business processes to export and import within the COMESA countries. This will capture.

  • Regulations and instruments available to the private sector
  • Studies and market reports, either carried out by CBC or from useful external sources
  • Links to relevant regional and international information sources.
  1. Expansion of a business information and market analysis system - Increase online participation of distributers and suppliers to two more countries on the COMESA BizNet. This will complement work on existing database, which already has six countries and is undergoing expansion.
  2. Develop a marketing and income generating program in BizNet as part of the maintenance and sustainability of the platform.
  3. Carry out awareness campaigns, portal recruitment and business seminars marketing and training on the BizNet.

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